Contract Staffing

Arbrit Safety and Engineering Solutions, established in 2006, is a globally accredited, ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 1800 certified safety and engineering training and consultancy group that operates in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and India. Our HSE contract staffing service  has provided smooth operation of projects until the completion.

Arbrit strives to improve the technical competency and professional standards within the construction and energy industries in the region Arbrit Technical services L.L.C is the HR Solution division of Arbrit Group in UAE and the leading provider of nationwide staffing solutions and placement services to the industries .
We offer a full complement of staffing services, each carefully designed to address any hiring scenario you may face. Our core service offerings include contract staffing and permanent placement services. We realize that your business is unique, therefore, Arbrit customizes solutions to best fit your needs.

Advantages of Contract Staffing through ARBRIT

  • Provides qualified technical personnel to support your projects for any period of time.
  • Manage the work load and gives the ability to increase and decrease the staff at will
  • Reduces the Recruitment investments , like advertising, screening,sourcing, cost
  • Better recruitment and retention. Arbrit treats our HSE contract staffing employees as clients.
  • We offer medical benefits and paid time off.
  • Provide qualtiy and skilled resources according to the requirment of the client
  • Facilitates Manpower based on per day weekly, and month or year
  • Hands-on approach to supporting our employees with travel needs and administrative requirements.
  • Our long and short-term HSE contract staffing options ensure that you can focus on your core business functions while we provide you the people needed to do so.

We Provide Various Staffing Solutions

    • HSE Officer/Engineer
    • First Aiders
    • QA/QC Staff
    • Technical/Engineering Staff
    • Architecting Staff
    • Accounts & Finance Staff
    • Administration Staff