The purpose of this course is to understand the role of slinging and working and inspection procedures in connection with slinging and compliance with applicable laws and code of practice. Safety precautions and specifications are specified for the different operations as well as thumb rules for fast security load calculations.


Course Content

• Introduction to rigging and slinging
• General Lifting Procedures
• Slinging & Safe Working Loads
• Slings & Hitches
• Sling Angles, Tension & COG
• Safe Use of Slings
• Hand Signals and Practical
• Webbing Sling
• Chain Sling
• Wires
• Wire Rope Sling
• Estimation of Weights
• Areas & Volumes
• Case Studies



The Rigging and Slinging is a certification for all supervisors, managers and employees interested in using rigging as part of their duties and responsibilities. People who gain this certification must familiarize themselves with basic and important instructions on knots, hitches, splices, lashing and tackling programs.