The program provides managers and supervisors with information to carry out their duties in the administration

of lifting activities, including emergency response procedures during lifting injuries.


Course Content
      • Introduction and Background
      • Legal Requirements
      • Hazard identification and Risk Assessment
        • Common Systematic Lapses Involving Lifting Activities
        • Common Hazards Associated with Unsecured/ Slippage of Loads
        • Common Hazards Associated with Lifting Operations Involving Mobile Cranes
        • Risk Assessment and Permit-to-Work
      • Roles and Responsibilities of Lifting Supervisors
        • Lifting Plans
        • Harmonization of the Lifting Plan vis-à-vis Risk Assessment and Permit-To-Work
        • Changes to Lifting Plans
        • Sample Lifting Plan
        • Wind speed guidance
      • Inspection of Lifting Equipment
        • Statutory Inspection of Lifting Equipment
        • Pre-use Inspection of Lifting Equipment
      • Rigging and Slinging
        • Selection of Lifting Gears for Lifting Operations
        • Estimation of Weight of Load
      • Recommended Rigging and Slinging Methods
      • Recommended Crane Signals
      • Emergency Response Procedures

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