The course is reasonable for trainees who are very much aware of fundamental frameworks and need to do investigations of Scaffolds. The point of this course is to give understudies with the data, abilities, and demeanors they should have the option to inspect. so as to guarantee that it is protected. OSHA enables all laborers to be regulated by a competent person who introduces, expel, move, work, fix, keep up or examine platforms.

    • Definition of Scaffold
    • Diagrams of various Types of Scaffold
    • Format and Terminology
    • Overview of basic safety elements of frame, Tube& coupler & system
    • Planning for potential Hazards
    • Introduction to loading
    • Inspection of equipment prior to use
    • Fall protection on scaffolds
    • Safety during erection
    • Foundations (Footing) & Tying the scaffold to structure, wind loads and guy wires
    • Access (Ladders and Stairways )
    • Platforms rules (Gaps, Overlap, Overhang)
    • Work Shift Inspections and Scaffold Tags
    • Inspection Checklist



To be qualified to get the Certificate of Excellence, every Applicant must finish the composed assessment. The certificate might be earned by the individuals who pass through all tests. For some unjustifiable reason, Arbrit can possibly give you a Certification of Attendance on the off chance that you can’t enroll.


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