There is two key personnel in tower crane operations: the operator and the bellman. The operator works in the cab and, due to the height and energy required to make the climb, they often stay in the cab their entire shift. The bellman works below and serves as the operator’s eyes for the operation.


Course Content

  • Hazard Identification
  • Access
  • Suitable and Sufficient Anchorages
  • How to Safely Attach to the Casualty
  • Correct Operation of a Tower Crane Rescue Kit
  • Casualty Care and First Aid Guidance
  • Maintenance, Storage and Inspection Requirements of Rescue Equipment



ARBRIT certificate of attendance, valid for 1 year, issued on completion of the assessment. To conduct a tower crane rescue, we would recommend using a Gotcha CRD Kit however we are happy to provide training with other suitable rescue equipment.

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